TAP - Tracing Art in Public

Arts4All Launches TAP- Tracing Art in Public, Tracing Art in Public [TAP] is a web magazine and an interactive media platform for Public Art that explores new modalities of viewership and public participation. We are a live archive, showcasing the plethora of public art practices in the S.Asia region. As a website TAP combines editorial content, curated feeds, and user generated content. TAP, engages with a variety of practices including community art projects, residencies, exhibitions, talks, and workshops around the subject of Public Art. We engage both with projects unfolding in the present, as well as historising the development of public art and encouraging critical commentary as we push to expand the definitions of a site, public art, and magazine, and this will be guiding TAP’s content and programming. As a part of our commitment to Public Art, and building a sustainable future for Public Art practice TAP and A4A (Arts 4 All) are collaborating on TAPPABLE. It is conceived as a meeting ground between artist and funders of public art. TAPABLE is an enabling platform for public art projects working closely with the need of an artist to find platforms and financial supports needed to make such projects possible. With South Asia as our focus, Central, West, and South East Asia, fall into our vision. These trans-zonal tracings are crucial to the manner in which imagines itself and its future.