Projects : Palate Mini, 2016

Art is the perfect stimulus for conversation and ideas,  and the unique festival Palate celebrating food at the sprawling Nehru Park will be a place where people  come to be engaged, inspired and entertained.  The artworks will not just intrigue and delight passers-by; they will allow them to pause to consider in myriad and  open-ended ways on the varied issues highlighted by the artists.  There has long been an  association between art and

restaurants.  Anything done well is art, and great food is also like great art.

The art of promoting constructive interaction among people in public spaces has been  nearly forgotten in many communities. The artists were given free rein to design art installations in response to the theme, ‘food for art’ while reflecting their creative oeuvres and  personal engagements thus creating awareness or maybe just to  trigger creative stimulants. One of the aims is to bring into focus,  issues that confront our world and environment through

art and  creating a discourse among local communities and the artists in a semi intimate environment.