Projects : Palate Delhi, 2015

A4A offers temporary public art opportunities to artists to engage the public without being concerned about building a permanent installation. These artworks may be created with unusual media and may benefit a particular cause; pique public awareness of an important or timely issue or simply add

momentary beauty to the site.

The results are challenging with diverse works that encourage the general public to re-examine its expectations and definitions of art through dialogue about the role of art that serve as catalysts for conversations about art. The witty installations generate spontaneous expressions and social connection, raising awareness, giving new perspectives on ourselves and the world we share.The invited artists were given free rein to design art installations that reflect their creative oeuvres and personal engagements thus creating awareness or maybe just to trigger creative stimulants. One of the aims is to bring into focus, issues that confront our world and environment through art and creating a discourse among local communities and the artists in a semi

intimate environment.

This collaborative work ‘50-50’ is a comment on today’s power politics, where the artists duo Kunal Kalra & Abhishek Singh are correlating the relationship

of Public and Political parties with the game of cricket.

Puja Bahri, through her kinetic installation titled ‘BREATHLESS’ talks about the sensitive connect between nature and mankind raising concerns about our

depleting green covers.

In their installation ‘YE TERA GHAR YE MERA GHAR’, the young trio of Sancha Art Studio raise questions about losing importance of one’s identity in the

repetitive forms of the existing houses and how the overall building form takes over.

The young artist Chetnaa Verma in her multi media installation 'CARRÉ EN CARRÉS' brings forth the uncomplicated and the undemanding nature of light

which just effortlessly flows through whatever comes through it.