Projects : 10 Heads, 2015

Art is the perfect stimulus for conversation and ideas, and the unique mega one of is kind – Ten Heads Festival will be a place where people come to be engaged, inspired and entertained. The three specially  created artworks will not just intrigue and delight  passers-by; they will allow  them to pause to consider in myriad  and open-ended ways on the varied issues  highlighted by the artists.  The art of promoting constructive interaction among people  in public spaces has been nearly forgotten in many communities.  One of the aims here is to bring into focus,  issues that confront  our world and

environment through art and creating a discourse among local communities and the artists in this semi intimate environment.

A collaborative installation ‘COPYRIGHT IS FOR LOSERS’, conceptualized by Sanjeetha,  Suvanwita and Puja Bahri is a take on Sanjeetha’s signature “Bind Men”, depicts various life style actions on and around the dead tree…bringing it to ‘life’. These bind man figures made out of wire symbolise that we are

bound together in a society.

An interactive introspective space has been created by Ravi Chunchula through his work- ‘WINDOWS WHICH REMAIN OPEN’ to explore and look within ourselves to raise questions and awaken our inner consciousness – ‘ Aself reflection of sorts’

‘CONSTRUCTION’ by Sancha Art Studio is a symbol of growth and development while simultaneously holding the traditional and cultural values. Each wall is equally important, as it is binding the structure together. They are hollow but at the same time covering a particular space and hence validating